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Heart of steel - Raiden lyrics

heart of steel - raiden
Lyrics Raiden - Heart of steel There's no power like (hey-yeahhh) Bringing someone to life Ohhh There's no wonder why I feel like I could fly.(heart of steel) You make me better Than I've ever been Higher off the ground And, yeahhh I'm sure to make a few mistakes But I won't let you down. I've got this Heart of steel for you That's what you do You give me Hands

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J Boy - Phoenix lyrics

j boy - phoenix
Lyrics Phoenix - J boy Something in the middle of the side of the store Got your attention you would ask for more I was excited to be part of your world To belong, to be lost, to be mostly the two of us Something I was stealing for no reason at all They hang me higher than a disco ball But

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Line of sight - Odesza lyrics

line of sight - odesza
Lyrics Odesza - Line of sight I'm facing back to front Over my shoulder at the sun And it's an open door End of my line of sight once more.(line of sight) And I don't learn, no I don't learn It'll all be fine this time And I don't learn, no I don't learn Cos you always seemed so kind And I don't learn,

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Hallucinations - R3hab feat. R I T U A L lyrics

hallucinations - r3hab
Lyrics R3hab - Hallucinations I can't fight this, got my eyes fixed on you I've seen something new Must be hallucination In my mind I realize you're not true Must be something we do? We're just hallucinations. We're just hallucinations. (x3) I can't fight this, got my eyes fixed on you I've seen something new Must be hallucination Versuri-lyrics.info In my mind I realize you're not true Must

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Turn back time - Deorro feat. Teemu lyrics

turn back time - deorro
Lyrics Deorro - Turn back time Where Did it go? Nobody knows I thought that we had something Why Do we know? Ouediso Hey, that could be worth something Lay your head in my hands Oh come on Stay right here if you can Why Don't we turn back time for tonight? Oh come on And lay down here in the fire Though we would know Diamonds or gold. Hey,

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Pull up - Memba featuring Titus lyrics

pull up - memba
Lyrics Memba - Pull up Pull up, pull up, up on me You got me got, got me schemin' Pull Up, Puuull Up. I'm scheming.. I'm scheming for you. (x2) Puuull up Pull up on some yellow cab, street shit. (puuuull up) Faded off a Xan, you be sneakin. (sneakin) Tell me where you be at in the night time Baby hit me on that

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Be happy - FRND lyrics

be happy - frnd
Lyrics FRND - Be happy Tell me that you need me now 'Cause in my dreams you're still around You've been gone for quite some time It finally feels like you're not mine.(be happy) Will you remember me? 'Cause I'll remember you Yeahhh, you. You went out and found somebody new And that still hurts It's taken everything inside my bones To say these words Even if

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Supersoaka - Kid Ink lyrics

supersoaka - kid ink
Lyrics Kid Ink - Supersoaka Yeahhh, you know (Murder on the beat so it's not nice).(supersoaka) Got hunnid, fifty, no stressin' Bend it over, yoga stretchin' Supersoaka, change clothes Different city, same hoes Bust a move, she got more, yeah You know, titties tuggin' on my jewels, yeah You know, Stacey Dash, shawty clueless Hands down, head clappin' where the tool is. Woooo, money man on

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This is my life - Dead by April lyrics

this is my life - dead by april
Lyrics Dead By April - This is my life It's not a matter of losing It's not a matter of winning It's just a matter of being Being yourself The lid is broken and the bottle is empty I'm done with tipping on my toes I am done with always trying to be someone else Be someone else.(this is my life) This is my

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Tu stiai - Narcisa lyrics

tu stiai - narcisa
Lyrics Narcisa - Tu Stiai Tu stiai mereu tot ce eu gandeam. Cat de mult eu te iubeam. Si nimic nu-ti ascundeam. Acum stii ca doar tu esti viata mea. Fara tine n-as avea. Aer sa pot respira.. Nu cred c-am sa pot Sa plec de la tine. De-ar fi sa nu te vad As plange nopti si zile. Sunt cu tine acum, Te am langa mine. Din

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J ecris - Alonzo paroles

j ecris - alonzo
Paroles Alonzo - J ecris J ecris ma vie mon ami, mes angoisses, mes cauchemars que j'fais dans la nuit Ma famille, ma patrie savent que j'suis un homme J'emporterai rien dans ma tombe même pas une pièce, un atome en bombe J'te crache mon aaaalbum bum bum Parfois j'me saoule et j'ecris, j'ai besoin de me faire entendre Quand ça

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Another life - Afrojack feat. David Guetta lyrics

another life - afrojack
Lyrics Afrojack feat. David Guetta - Another life I'm waking up, thinking how we used to be I still hang on to our tied up dreams I wish we could turn back the hands of time Replace the poison that you left onto my mind.(another life) Maybe we'll meet again in another life Maybe we're better in another paradise Maybe we will

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Ramai cu bine - Delia feat. Macanache versuri

ramai cu bine - delia
Versuri Delia - Ramai cu bine Hai ramai cu ma-ta Hai ramai cu ma-ta Ia ramai cu ma-ta.(ramai cu bine) Iti faceam clatite doar cu dragoste si dor Imi gatesti doar zile fripte, tu traiesti eu simt ca mor Ne imbatam doar cu iubirea ce ai transformat-o in rom Ce om.. Cand te-am cunoscut erai mai simplu si mai high Ai venit cu un

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Quit - Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande lyrics

quit - cashmere cat
Lyrics Cashmere Cat - Quit And you say that I'm the devil you know And I don't disagree, no, I don't see the harm They say, "You crazy, just leave him, he'll suffocate you" But I wanna be in your arms.(quit) They say, "No, don't pick up the phone, let them think there's nobody home" But I'm under your spell 'Cause when

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Let you go - Machine Gun Kelly lyrics

let you go - machine gun kelly
Lyrics Machine Gun Kelly - Let you go Since you left, I've been holding on to a memory Since you walked out that door, yeah And you said I changed and you're so damn sick of me You're not mine anymore, 1-2-3-4.(let you go) Woaaah, woaaah She said you need to let me go Woah, woah She said I died for you, you're

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I m the one - Dj Khaled feat. Justin Bieber lyrics

i m the one - dj khaled
Lyrics Dj Khaled - I m the one Yeah, you're lookin' at the truth The money never lie, no I'm the one, yeah, I'm the one Early mornin' in the dawn Know you wanna ride now (let's ride) I'm the one, yeah (let's ride), I'm the one, yeah Yeah, and you sick of all those other imitators Don't let the only real one

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Cherry Hill - Russ lyrics

cherry hill - russ
Lyrics Russ - Cherry Hill You know what I'd do for you I know what you'd do for me You will see The truth in me.(cherry hill) Maybe I'm a fool Maybe I'm a fool for you. (x2) Feelin' lonely in this room since I was seventeen Thought this bottle was supposed to drown my memory But I'm still swimmin' in your vision and

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Sweet - Unlike Pluto lyrics

sweet - unlike pluto
Lyrics Unlike Pluto - Sweet My baby and I are like new silky sheets every night He buys me bourbon and whiskey neat And keeps on coming every week.(sweet) Oohhh, he wants the suburbs When school's out in December And we live by his mother I keep my drugs in the covers 'cause. I'm only sweet when I'm high. (x4) In class, I learned

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Do what I want - Lil Uzi Vert lyrics

do what i want - lil uzi vert
Lyrics Lil Uzi Vert - Do what I want Uhmm, I'm on some sh*t like /Now I do what I want, now I do what I want./(x6) Everybody know I'm better, yeah Yeah I'm better, yeah It don't matter, ay, Pocket fatter, aye Nowadays I'm on my haters they got sadder, ay That's money longer, yeah Different song bruh, yeah Different producer, yeah I can

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La tine - What's Up versuri

la tine - what's Up
Versuri What's Up - La tine Toate drumurile duc la tine, Si ma gandesc ca poate, Intr-o zi vei fi cu mine.. Si ma gandesc ca trebuie sa fac ceva si gata, Uite-te la tine normal ca mi s-a pus pata, Te-am vazut a doua, a treia oara si a patra Frumusete rara, ce mai faci tu Cleopatra In tabloul vietii mele aveam

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Ingerii plang - JerryCo feat. BalAdda versuri

ingerii plang
Versuri JerryCo - Ingerii plang Tu esti in bratele cuiva acum Eu sunt prostul care n-are somn si-n prostia mea inca te sun Poate e vinul, poate-s greu de cap Poate-s cele un milion de feluri in care tu m-ai facut praf Poate ma plang ca o... Era mai bine doar sa-mi fac treaba si sa-mi vad de drum Ai zis ca

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Feel a way - Phresher feat. Jim Jones lyrics

feel a way - phresher
Lyrics Phresher - Feel a way I just know niggas feel a way Versuri-lyrics.info All the questions niggas ask about the deal with Jay I brought the soft top just to watch the roof peel away Ive been affiliated with drug lords who made a mil a dayyy. Phresher lyrics Video a way

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Festa das Cacheadas - Ludmilla letra

festa das cacheadas - ludmilla
Letra Ludmilla - Festa das Cacheadas Vem pra essa festa Vem com a mais completa Vem com quem virou a mesa E acreditou na beleza.(festa das cacheadas) Na atitude, na personalidade Solta esses cachos E arrasa de verdade. Bora definir Deixa enrolar Crespo, poderoso, dos seus sonhos vai ficar. To De Cacho Hashtag To De Cacho Salon Line Hashtag To De Cacho. Ludmilla na ação Não tem medo não Eu vou mostrar

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Poupee Russe - Sch paroles

poupee russe
Paroles Sch - Poupee Russe Hier je t'ai offert un verre, je voulais baiser ta femme, ouais J'ai deux chaussettes Nike pour rentrer dans ta kham Merci, merci, j'ai gare le Mercedes juste devant le tierce Demain je ferai Bercy J'connais le mac et la tainp', le tueur de la taupe, 1.3 ça ue-t' gratos Oh, plata, plata, plata versuri-lyrics.info J'les foure

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Eu dau toata lumea pentru ea - Nicolae Guta versuri

eu dau toata lumea pentru ea - nicolae guta
Versuri Nicolae Guta - Eu dau toata lumea pentru ea Oriunde as merge nu-mi iau gandul de la tine. Ca tot ce fac fara tine, nimic nu-mi iese bine. Oriunde as merge nu-mi iau gandul de la tine. Ca tot ce fac fara tine, nimic nu mai iese bine.(eu dau toata lumea) Lumea-mi spune lasa, lasa dragostea. Eu dau toata lumea

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Kontrollieren - Bonez Mc feat. Raf Camora songtexte

kontrollieren - bonez mc
Songtexte Bonez Mc - Kontrollieren Weißt du, morgen ist uns gestern schon egal Ey, wenn wir woll'n, dann ist Silvester jeden Tag Und alle sagen: „Hebt mal besser jetzt nicht ab!" Doch wir heben ab!(kontrollieren) Das Team ist Platin, alles unter Kontrolle Benz AMG, meine Jungs fahr'n Kolonne Du findest mich unter der Sonne (ja) Mach deinen Mund auf, ich komme Zu dritt auf

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Tutto il mondo e quartiere - Ensi testo

tutto il mondo e quartiere - ensi
Testo Ensi - Tutto il mondo e quartiere Sogno di svegliarmi come Akeem a Zamunda Le ancelle me lo lavano io King-Kunta La mia faccia sopra i soldi niente Esselunga Invece pure oggi frate qui è una giungla.(tutto il mondo e quartiere) Preparo il caffè con la moka Musica araba al piano di sopra Ecoute moi frigge il mio hash Spiagge di Sharm,

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Vocea ta - Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago versuri

vocea ta - jukebox
Versuri Jukebox - Vocea ta Sunt gelos pe vantul care adie in parul tau mereu Razele de soare te ating in locul meu Ma pierd in ochii tai, ma regasesc din nou si sper Ca iubirea noastra-mi va trimite..(vocea ta) Clipe ce-au ascuns timpul scurs Ne primim si nu mai stim sa ne iubim. Am ramas doar cu vocea ta Ce n-are culoare

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Cam asa - Echo feat. Kaveli versuri

cam asa - echo
Versuri Echo - Cam asa Wir zeigen Überlegenheit ich bringe Unheil will mit jedem Streit Echo Kaveli Alle kommen wegen uns ins Pflegeheim Vergebe keim Feind jeder Zeit hören sie uns kilometerweit bleib bei deinem Scheiß pump lieber diesen Vibe teile meinen riesengroßen Pint versuri-lyrics.info mit dem Mund deiner Freundin bis ihr Kieferknochen bricht Oh mein Gott ich bleibe Fresh bringe Lieder

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Bine pentru tine - Betty feat. Matteo versuri

bine pentru tine - betty
Versuri Betty - Bine pentru tine Sunt invelita in diamante, in diamante Dar stralucesc la tine-n brate Iar tu ca hotul de rubine, de rubine Imi furi mereu orice privire.(bine pentru tine) Pun rochia care-ti place pe corp Transparent, ca sa vezi putin de tot Pune muzica pana cand ma intorc Diseara eu cu tine am un singur scop.. Sa arat, sa arat bine

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Mike Tyson - Jamil testo

mike tyson - jamil
Testo Jamil - Mike Tyson Ho ascoltato un po il tuo diss Non hai detto un cazzo Proprio nada,proprio niente A me fotte una sega del rispetto di sta gente Baida è contro tutti puoi chiamarlo l'incoscente Baida ammazza rapper, taglia a fette C'hai 40 anni e rappi come se ne avessi 17 Chi ha visto questa merda sa che questo scemo mente In

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Parte din tine - Cosy feat. Elena B. versuri

parte din tine - cosy
Versuri Cosy - Parte din tine Poti sa zbieri Gandindu-te, te intrebi sa mai crezi Sa ma crezi Eu as vrea sa stii Iubirea cand se ascunde n-o mai vezi Cand durerea ma apasa tu nu stii Cand aiurea plec de acasa sa nu vii Si-n jurul tau..(parte din tine) Acum sunt doar ei Au ramas doar ei. Ce cuplu reusit, uite ce cuplu reusit Si da

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Angel falls - Frank Walker feat. Sterling Fox lyrics

angel falls - frank walker
Lyrics Frank Walker - Angel falls I don't know where I going But I know where I being Going to heaven a thousand times But they never let me in(angel falls) I saw streets of gold And now the restless soul pretend a way Now try so hard But my reckless heart Went to strang. And now the angel faaalls And now the angel faaalls in

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Tu si eu - Inna feat. Carla's Dreams versuri

tu si eu - inna
Versuri Inna - Tu si eu Tu si eu, el si ea langa noi Ne iubim pana la stele ca la 18 ani Atat de tineri si sinceri Am decis sa fim noi. Sti bine ca nu tind sa corespund cu nimeni Eu vreau sa corespund doar cu ideile din tine Sper sa ramai cu capu-n stele Prin ochii tai pot sa le

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De piatra - Ares featuring Kobe versuri

de piatra - ares
Versuri Ares - De piatra Nu este doar un vis, no E realitate, n-am uitat cand ti-am promis Ca o s-ajung acolo ca sa pun pe harta Orasul meu care-i tare ca o piatra, ahhh Orasul meu care-mi face inima calda Jur, ca n-o sa uit de-unde am plecat vreodata Jur, ca reprezint fiecare brigada Jur, si ca ma simt inspirat doar daca

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Sentimente intense - Pepe versuri

sentimente intense - pepe
Versuri Pepe - Sentimente intense Es una noche caliente. Con mi novia. Am sentimente intense. Am dorinte imense. Langa tine simt ca pot sa fac orice in viata. Ai pasiune in privire, Frige totul in tine. Ma topesc de drag cand simt ca ma saruti. Esti frumoasa si cu mine, Multora nu le convine. Ne iubim in lumea noastra. Restul nici nu mai conteaza. Esti frumoasa si cu

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Noi - George versuri

noi george
Versuri George - Noi Noi noooi noooi nooi Noooi noooi noooi noooi Iubirea e medicament Te vindeca de orice, tine loc de orice compliment Imi place ca ma iei la sentiment Cand te uit in ochii mei tu ma faci sa fac ce vrei Asa diferiti dar indragostiti cum suntem noi Facem ce vrem atunci cand simtim si nu dam inapoi Nu e nimeni

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Diana - Macanache versuri

diana - macanache
Versuri Macanache - Diana As vrea sa pot sa cant cu voceaca d'angelo Sa pot sculpta in marmura ca michelangelo Sa te fac nemuritoare Madona mea incantatoare Ca o zeita ma rasfeti Doar cu saruturi milenare Toti bani dupa planeta nu pot cumpara Starea pe care o am atunci Cand sunt in preajma ta Mi-ai intrat la corason din primele clipe Esti una dintre cele mai

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Mercury - James McAlister lyrics

mercury - james mcalister
Lyrics James McAlister - Mercury All that I've known to be of life And I am gentle You ran off with it all And I am faithful All that I felt within my arms And I am weightless You ran off with it all And I am speechless All that I've said to get it right And I am confident You ran off with it all And

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Monday - Offset lyrics

monday - offset
Lyrics Offset - monday I ain't playing no more You know what I'm saying? Different mindset, you know what I mean? OG Parker Different motivations, you know what I'm saying? I'm tryna get more money, you know what I mean? Deko You know what I'm saying? I'm not satisfied, you know what I mean? I want everything, I want it all.(monday) Drop my top, let the

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Want you - Orbiter lyrics

want you - orbiter
Lyrics Orbiter - Want you I want you to want me Follow every road to my soul. I need you to meet me. Versuri-lyrics.info We can have it all, this I know. I want you to want me Follow every road to my soul. I need you to meet me. We can have it all, this I knowww. (x2) Orbiter lyrics

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Attention - Charlie Puth lyrics

attention - charlie puth
Lyrics Charlie Puth - Attention You've been runnin' 'round, runnin' 'round, runnin' 'round Throwin' that dirt all on my name 'Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I'd call you up You've been going 'round, going 'round, going 'round Every party in LA 'Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I'd be at one, ohhh.(attention) I

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The apprentice - Gorillaz lyrics

the apprentice - gorillaz
Lyrics Gorillaz - The apprentice You can be mad at me Tell me I was born to quit I was checking Ohhh Or you could just freak with me Said it again nothing knows Oh ooh I hear that about you baby It's back when the city's glow Don't ever look at me like that It's just in the daylight, no It's just in the daylight, no.(the

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Mama nostra - Rim'K feat. Lartiste paroles

mama nostra - rim'k
Paroles Rim'K - Mama nostra On a connu la galère, les métaux précieux Tout revient à la mama, la prunelle de mes yeux. (x2)(mama nostra) On a connu les galères, on a connu les dramas L'époque des bandanas quand on était gamins Si j'veux réussir, c'est pour la mama J'pense à elle quand tout va mal. (x2) Hé gringo qué pasa? J'suis avec

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Sound of walking away - Illenium lyrics

Sound of walking away - illenium
Lyrics Illenium - Sound of walking away I've been quiet aside you While my heart in my chest shouts Feeling silenced and lied to But enough is enough.(Sound of walking away) Now don't come find me I won't be here waiting I so can do it alone, you're not worth staying. Weren't listening but now there's no way you won't hear There's a voice

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Patchy - Shakecraft feat. Elektra lyrics

patchy - elektra
Lyrics Shakecraft - Patchy We get all mushy, don't get touchy You might get lucky, but I like it patchy. You can keep it tropic, go hard and toxic. I know it's catchy, but I like it patchy. You can dance all night, night, and walk all day. If you do it right, it's useless to say.. We get all mushy, don't

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In urma ta - Denisa Trofin versuri

in urma ta - denisa trofin
Versuri Denisa Trofin - In urma ta Aruncam cu priviri pe jos. Iar sufletele noastre spate-spate s-au intors. Inchid ochii si esti pe retina. Dar intre noi doi timpul e de vina.(in urma ta) Inca un minut fara vocea ta. Ziua e prea lunga, noaptea e prea grea. Inca un minut poate ar schimba Sa fi tu fata in fata cu inima mea. Lasa

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Kung Fu - Dasoul feat. Nacho songtexte

kung fu
Songtexte Dasoul - Kung Fu Dejemos que hablen, de nuestra aventura que digan lo que quieran de que tuvimos una noche de locura la noche entera.(kung fu) De que hicimos el amor tantas veces aunque menos de las que te mereces te mereces un millón de veces. Solamente tu con ese movimiento y esa actitud bailando lentamente y a poca luz puro paso de kung fu

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LFR - Nimo songtexte

lfr - nimo
Songtexte Nimo - LFR Jajaja Jajajaaa Habibi, ist doch gar kein Problem, geh, geh, geh, deux-deux-neuf? Jajajajajajaaa.(lfr) Mach' mir keinen Kopf um Mädels Ekho, weil sie komm'n und geh'n Lass F*tzen reden! Ich mache trotzdem Es Ja, genauso wollt' ich steh'n Ja, Diggi, ich bin voll zufrieden Roll' auf Überdosis THC Lass F*tzen reden! Lass F*tzen reden! Lass F*tzen reden! Lass F*tzen reden! Lass F*tzen reden! Lass F*tzen reden! Lass

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Fictions - Shallou lyrics

fictions - shallou
Lyrics Shallou - Fictions Feel so far from you Follow, it's all we knew.(fictions) Feel so far from you Versuri-lyrics.info Follow, it's all we knew. Follow, it's all we knew Could save usss. Shallou lyrics Video Shallou

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