luni, 24 septembrie 2018

Jefe - Meek Mill feat. T.I. lyrics

Jefe - Meek Mill
Lyrics Jefe - Meek Mill Jefe lyrics (Oyy papi, Meek apurate, fuck!) No more apologizing for being excellent (No se me importa. ¿Puedes apurarte?) From now on man, fuck it, I'm just gon' be dope (Quiero la plata, nada más) And no apologize for it I'm sorry I'm dope, nigga (Dámelo todo, lo quiero ya) Wrap your mind around it and embrace it, this

Music lyrics Jefe - Meek Mill feat. T.I. lyrics.

Energy - Skepta feat. Wizkid lyrics

Energy - Skepta
Lyrics Energy - Skepta Energy lyrics I'm tryna get paid, take money, cash cheques You see the set, that's Lash, that's Dex Young C, Young Shorty, Milkavelli White bricks, True Religion, on the telly, it's me Wiz got the house full of freaks That's why I haven't been around for a week I'm getting pounds in my sleep I'm at the top of the mountain,

Music lyrics Energy - Skepta feat. Wizkid lyrics.

No more - Arcando feat. ThatBehavior lyrics

No more - Arcando
Lyrics No more - Arcando No more lyrics I wasn't ready You took the breath right out of me If we kept it steady Maybe I wouldn't fall but What's falling for love without any pain You opened the door and wanted to stay Buried in your scent and you seem to know when I just can't resist Do you think I'll walk away It's my

Music lyrics No more - Arcando feat. ThatBehavior lyrics.