joi, 21 aprilie 2022

Lyrics Sigrid - Bad life

 Lyrics Bad life - Sigrid

When the world is on your shoulders
And the weight of your own heart is too much to bear
Well I know that you’re afraid, things will always be this
It’s just a bad day, not a bad life

miercuri, 20 aprilie 2022

At the corner store - Bill Wurtz lyrics

 Lyrics At the corner store - Bill Wurtz

At the corneeer store
We’ll go all around the world
‘Til it closes

And the store is opening
You can go through the door
Through that rectangular hole in the wall

At the corner store lyrics

Lyrics Jacob Sartorius - Worth it

 Lyrics Jacob Sartorius - Worth it

I don’t know
Might crash for now buzzin’
Hesitate Hesitate
You know you could never stay
Lonely nights
I always seem to lay awake
Read my journal get a tour through my mind
If I call you in the morning than you’ll probably decline
I lost my moment tryna fuck around
You said that eventually we’d figure out Someday after this you’ll finally understand